October 5, 2018

#50: Fear of Judgment

This week, Lora discusses the link between judges and judgment and our human fear of it.  

From the very personal to the very public, Lora shares some of her own experience and comments on the Christin Blasey Ford-Brett Kavanaugh Hearing, and ways we can deal with the epidemic of abuse. 

September 7, 2018

#48: Live at The Moth

Lora is live at The Moth GrandSlam (Los Angeles, July 24, 2018).  Topic:  Identity Crisis

August 31, 2018

#47: It Takes a Village

This week, Lora explores the power of community and our individual roles in it when confronted with mistreatment of our fellow humans. 

August 24, 2018

#46: Subtlety of Abuse

This week, Lora discusses the side of abuse not often discussed. 

August 17, 2018

#45: Conformity

This week Lora discusses the hidden dangers of conformity.

August 10, 2018

#44: Identity

This week, Lora looks at identity, shares some personal experiences that reflect back on her experience as an Asian American woman, and discusses a way to get to freedom.

July 20, 2018

#42: Time

This week Lora responds to a request from prison to discuss the concept of time and the "love/hate" relationship we soemtimes have with it.

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